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Tax consultancy

GCA India Tax consultancy

Tax consultancy

With a number of taxes in the statute book, current and continuing tax information has become vital to theeffective economics of business management. Assessment of taxes is very closely linked with FinancialAccounts. Our partners and professionals with their experience in accounts are in an advantageousposition for preparing the returns for tax purposes, representing assesses before the Tax Authorities andrendering general and special advice on taxes to its clients. A separate cell for Direct Tax and Indirect Taxhas been established in our firm. Specialists who are co-conversant with these areas are in-charge of theDirect and Indirect Tax Division. We have formed affiliations with Direct Tax Specialists and SeniorAdvocates who have tremendous exposure to advice and handle all the peculiar tax issues. Various taximplications in case of Merger, Acquisition and De-merger is one of the key areas of study of our firm andthe schemes for reduction of tax liability legally during such process has benefited number of our clients.

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